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Mediated reality can be defined as both augmented and diminished reality, and is a possible method for avoiding information overload. Team 'In-Sight' will use existing research to devise an initial hardware setup and build supporting software.

Recent technological advances are making it possible to use head-mounted displays with augmented reality capabilities in order to provide the wearer with a greater sense of situational awareness. These new displays allow computer systems to overlay relevant graphics and information on top of the user's normal field of view. Such devices have obvious applications in defense, emergency response, and other industries.

As the technology develops, there are several issues that need to be resolved before these devices can become practical to end users. Information must be presented in a way that does not confuse or demand too much attention from the user. Furthermore, the user must be able to interact with the device to access the information they want when they want it, quickly and easily. This interaction must be intuitive and should interfere as little as possible with the task at hand. Working with their client, Lockheed Martin, team In-Sight will design and prototype a novel system for layering, selection, de-layering, and de-selection of information for use with a head-mounted, augmented reality display. The techniques developed will be aimed at helping to create a hands free computing system for use in high-stress environments.

Pictured is an example of a developing mediated reality display. This prototype was created by Microvision. (Our team will not be making use of this prototype).

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