Week 9: GDC and SxSW

Week 10: Halves presentation

For this week, we pretty much devoted to our halves presentation on Wednesday. We refined and iterated on our slides, and Jack made a demo video of our App. In our halves presentation, we wanted to show the direction of project and walk through our progress and iterations along the way. Here you can find the video of our halves presentation (ARchitect).

ar presentation

The presentation went smooth but we could better prepared for the Q&A section. During the Q&A section, we were asked about “Will people spend more than $400 to buy the sensor for it and can you make it without the sensor?”. So first, without the depth information, we cannot get the scanned room model nor finish the background culling function. We could make it all virtual, which means we need to ask users to measure their room to generate 3D room model, then get the virtual models of furniture for users to modify in 3D work-space. But the user experience will be very complicated and frustrated for most of the users. Second, it might be too expensive for some of the users, but it’s definitely affordable from furniture store and interior designer and our app could also benefit them according to our earlier research. What’s more, the Occipital sensor has much more usage for users not limited only to our App, so there is a market for it. Some of the guests described our project as “contemporary” and I like it very much. We could see the possibilities of this kind of application in the future.

On Friday, we presented again to the Occipital team and got valuable feedback from them. They were very excited about our reverse version of visualize furniture in a room. We also figured out that we are facing some similar problems about UI/UX design. As for slides and visual assets, they gave us some advice about how to make it more clear to convey the message. Since the skype signal was not good enough, we left all the tech questions in the follow up email and got detailed feedback from Dustin. We deeply appreciate that, thank you very much!

This week we are going to submit our alpha version to App Store considering the long review process. We will keep updating it with new features in the rest of the semester. Also we will revise our future plan according to the current progress and time frame. The next main feature will be match the floor and allow users to manipulate the room model. Simultaneously, we are going to build simple demos to test UX and UI.

Week 10: Halves presentation