This week Jack managed to finish our last core feature: match the virtual room floor with the real world floor. Which means in the visualization phase users can preview how the real furniture lands on the floor of the virtual room. As you can see in the following picture, we managed to visualize the chair (a furniture in real world) sitting on the floor of your room (scanned model which saved in your mobile device).

floor matching

Sophia created some polished UI elements and Atit started to implement the UI. The overall style is clean and modern. We tried our best to keep the buttons with main functions.stay in user’s comfortable thumb zone.

Start Page-My rooms

Wei designed several different interactions for room alignment and Qing was working on the functional demo for user test. At first, we tried to use gestures to move and rotate the room based on the real world floor. We tested with our classmates and it turned out that the “Move” gesture was really easy for them the figure out, but the “Rotate” gesture was very confusing. Because it’s very hard for users to project a 2D rotate gesture in a 3D environment. Therefore, we decided to try with a slider bar for “rotate” function.
At the end of the week, we uploaded the beta version to app store and hold the name of “PocketRoom”.

Next week we are going to keep working on UI implementation together with user test and started to integrate everything into one build.

Week 12: Last core feature