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Dev Blog: Week 5

This week we fleshed out the design for our experience and outlined our production plan. The week began with the team meeting with Heather Kelley, our adviser, to catch her up on the feedback we gathered the past week. After a group meeting, each member met with Heather individually to discuss our progress as individuals.

On Wednesday, we met with Jessica Hammer, a faculty member at the ETC, to discuss the design of our transformational experience. Jessica offered advice on how to vary the gameplay mechanics as well as how to structure the scenarios to follow a natural increase of difficulty. This structure and variation should help keep our players engaged as they move through the experience.

After our meeting with Jessica, we spent the rest of Wednesday and Thursday in design meetings. We devised the basic structure of the game as well as the message we want to send with each scenario, or mini-game. A basic flowchart and other design elements are pictured below. Over the next week, our designers will be constructing a design document that will go into more detail.

We closed out the week with planning our first sprint of production focusing on completing scenario 1 and the surrounding contextual information. First, we came up with stories detailing features of the game. Then, we prioritized them all and chose the first batch to pull in our sprint. Finally, we listed all the tasks for each story and split up the work among the team. This was a long, difficult process for us as none of us have worked within an agile framework before. That being said, we are excited to dig in and start working on our final product