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Dev Blog 9: Week 11

In week 11 the team finally stitched together the project into our first build of the full experience. We then tested this build at the ETC Playtest day with a large group of playtesters.

After a week full of finishing assets, programming, and debugging, the team finally produced a build of the full experience, now titled AI or Nay-I. We were all excited to get the project in the hands of players. Some screenshots of the experience are show below.

ETC Playtest Day was a long but ultimately successful day for team Artificial Intelligentsia. We had 11 playtesters ranging from age 16 to 50. After running through the experience, we had the playtesters fill out two surveys. The first gauging how successful AI or Nay-I was at transforming the players while the other survey comprised of questions from the Schell Games Guide to Playtesting. Feedback from the surveys can be seen below.

With this feedback in mind, we will work to fix the bugs we observed and iterate on the design to make AI or Nay-I even more successful at creating discussion about the moral complexities of Artificial Intelligence