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Dev Blog 11: Week 14

In week 14 the team presented AI or Nay-I? at the ETC’s soft opening. Then, after reviewing the faculty feedback, we set off to polish the game before final presentations.

The week began with a large push to incorporate as much as possible into our build of AI or Nay-I for soft opening on Tuesday, April 23. After a late Monday night, the team presented the game and received positive reactions. The faculty praised the smooth interactions and consistent art style throughout the experience. Also, our decision to cut the scope and focus on a more quality, albeit shorter, experience was wise. Suggested improvements included:

  • Balancing the biases in the public response tweets in an effort to more fairly examine the debate
  • Making the tweets more personal to the minister in order to increase emotional reactions
  • Increasing the resolution of the public surveillance minigame to better communicate what the AI is doing.
  • Splitting the minister’s decision into two parts: a press release and the official directive. Each would have their own round of responses. This would better explore the debate while allowing the player to change their mind, now with more information to base their decision on.

As we move into week 15, the team plans to incorporate as many of these changes as possible, while also polishing other small details.

P.S. We also shot and cut up a trailer for our project. Check it out on our media page!