The Project

AXON is a¬†transformational crowd-gaming experience built to spark conversation about how we interact with information on social media. In particular, we want people to reflect on the isolating bubbling effect that can occur when people engage with “fake news” online.

Our game splits one hundred people into two alien civilizations at war. Each side is trying to convince the Ancient One, a powerful alien, that the other aliens are guilty of terrible crimes. The way they do this is by spreading news on a fake social media app we’ve built for the experience. By sharing and liking news headlines, they can put the “right” propaganda in front of the Ancient One who ultimately picks which side is guilty based on the information presented.

Our team is designing a presentation set to premiere at the Games For Change festival summer 2017. The experience will combine audience participation with a virtual reality platform to create a one-of-a-kind, irreproducible event. Join us in New York, and let your axons fire!