Coolest. Playtest. Ever.

Playtesting is important part of any game design. Of course WHAT and HOW you test informs a lot. So we decided to run the coolest playtest ever. We are running a tournament.

What? You may say? Sure tournaments are fun, but how is the tournament a playtest. Simple. This is an exercise in seeing how the most skilled players play the game.

Our first playtest this year, while extremely helpful, still brought in a lot of newer players struggling with basic controls. Since we wanted to provide a deeper gameplay experience for

more advanced players, we need to see how the best players play: culminating in live finals in RPIS. With Pizza! And Prizes!

We have purposefully not watched the first round so we could come in and see players that have actually beat at least one person at the game and note how they play. So more on that soon.