ETC Showdown

This week was exciting. We debuted our BSC Twitch Interface this week! As we are students at the Entertainment Technology Center grad school program, it was only fitting that we hold an ETC Faculty vs. Students Match.

JD and Mike Christel, a professor at ETC, were on camera running the match, with King Kong and I leading the students.

I am happy to say it was a success! The game was fun to play and challenging, the broadcast was entertaining, and we found out about our professor’s latent abilities for trolling and trash talking. It was  a win for everyone – except, maybe, JD, who, as a result of the students losing the match, had to eat spicy pickled okra. Bleh!

We did receive some feedback about adjustments to make, particularly in the values of some of the assets during Input Phase (as it was hard to tell rocks from barrels). We also have some technical Cross Domain issues in safari. But overall, it was a resounding success.

This is exciting, because we are going to be going into our marketing campaign here soon. More on that soon!