Our Client

As Hunt Library evolves as a premier 21st century library, the scope of its services and spaces that invite scholarship, collaboration, and creation is ever-shifting.  We seek an experience crafted to create a destination that is transferable to other spaces and formats, as well as being pop-up in nature.  The experience is communicated through the tangible, universal language of LEGO, integrated with at least one emerging technology currently incubating at CMU.  This student-driven project maximizes CMU and LEGO’s shared core feature: collaboration to pull order from chaos and form from idea through design and technology. This project should extend the limits of novelty and innovation while remaining functional and reproducible.
As the ETC project Playgrounds developed experiences to showcase a technology, this project will show off LEGO coupled with CMU technology, for which at least one candidate ready for integration will be presented to the team in its first week.  As the ETC project Aristeia explored the maker space for museums, this project will explore the use of library physical space to enable its patrons to experiment and tackle challenges.