2nd Playtest

Friday, October 12 was our second playtest at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.

We’ve built out a lot more of the egg slice of our game, implementing a lot of what we found the game needed from the last playtest.  The game now takes the player from when they arrive on the farm to look for eggs up through the knowldge evaluation back at the grocery store.  Interactive objects highlight and players can solve puzzles using their visual vocabulary cards as dialogue.  There were also portions that were not completely implemented and there were no glows to indicate what the next step was; in some places, the team managed to implement sparkles, other places nothing.

Unfortunately, the team arrived at the museum a little late and many families were in the process of leaving so we did not get as many playtests as we would have liked; nonetheless, the results seemed promising.  Kids stayed engaged and knew that the highlights showed them what to do next.  Surprisingly, sparkles worked less well than highlights.  There were also two moments when the temporary dialogue was too long and kids lost a bit of attention.

The team feels that this test, however, was great proof that we are heading in the right direction with the changes that we are making.