Soldier leg raisesmallOn Tuesday we met with Dr. Brett Talbot for the first time. He was energetic and encouraging, and pretty much gave our team free rein on what we want to create. He was also pleased with the research we have done thus far and encouraged us to continue the research throughout the first half of the semester.

The team jumped right into playing more exer-games on Wednesday and learned a few more things about what’s fun and not-so-fun about them. 3 Point Challenge on the Kinect was a huge winner with all of us, some staying an extra hour after our designated core hours to work on our score. There are a few more games we’d like to try and they are on our game docket.

Brainstorming took place on Thursday and Friday and the team came up with an array of fantastic ideas. We picked two to rapid prototype, with an eye to having them ready by next Friday. Bubble Wrap Run is a game requiring the guest to stomp on bubble wrap, and Wings of Fury is sort of like Angry Birds, only the guest gets to be the bird. We will split up into two programming teams starting on Monday. Our 3D, 2D and Sound artists will have to split their time between the two groups.

It’s been a busy and productive week and we are on track to achieve all the goals we have set for the next couple of weeks.