Week 2

  • January 19th – 23, 2015

    This week marked our first official sprint planning session. On Thursday, Will lead the team through sprint processing and planning, and we all contributed SCRUM stories – pieces of the product framed within the perspective of a specific person, like a user or a developer – and prioritized them on our SCRUM backlog. These stories spawned specific tasks that teammates were able to claim. We’ve got about 120 hours of work planned for this sprint!


    Laura has been making progress on the website, implementing our style choices and formatting the mobile version of our site. Hannah has been generating art content for the logo and the poster, which we were able to show to John Dessler, Shirley Yee and Ruth Comely. Allyn has been testing an HTML UI engine, Awesomium in anticipation of rendering our text over a 3D scene. And the textual content is still in progress! The portion that is, as of yet, written will be sent to Jane Bernstein, a professor at the CMU English Department, for her review over the weekend. We’ve also got a big design meeting planned, where we’ll brainstorm features we want to include in our digital story experience.

    And last but not least, we received these beauties today: