Week 7

  • February 23-27

    At this point in the semester, we’re comfortably in the production phase. Pre-production’s over – design rules have been decided, and we’re all focused on making content. The story is close to done, with only revisions on 4-6 left to apply before a content lock. As for last week’s goals, we didn’t manage to complete chapter 3.

    Hannah’s been making illustrations. Allen made a cool Unity plugin for Laura to add content to the project. I applied the most recent batch of Jane’s edits for 1-3, and am finishing 5-6 to hand off to her again. Will set up a meeting with researchers at HCI on main campus, who pointed us to lots of relevant research. For example, Richard Mayer and his five principles for reducing extraneous processing (keeping all the media coherent).

    Today, we’re going to meet with Jane and give her a Kindle loaded with the most recent build. Next week, only Laura will continue working on Chapter 3, the rest of the team will be at GDC.

    cat ears

    We’re bringing these.