Week 8 – Halves

As a team of all first years, we were nervous going into our first ever ETC presentation. But, the preparation for the showcase of our work gave us value insight into everything we’d done throughout the semester. It was good to lay out everything with the goal of understanding.

We also had to properly present both Twitch and improv to an audience that we couldn’t assume knew the depths of either. Talking about why each medium was interesting and their individual unique qualities was a good refresher on why they make sense when put together. Explaining the challenges and potential of their union reminded us of our excitement working on it. Plus, it was a good time to show off all of our graphs and images. We summed it up in the form of similarities and differences, ending on how we believe it is important to create experiences that stay true to both mediums.

We needed experiences that promoted community creation, had predictable formats, and had potential for audience impact. But, we knew we had to be wary of losing viewer understanding, intra-audience interaction, and Twitch’s inherent delay.

While we had all of these large qualities to value, we had to scope down for the remaining semester. So, we will head into the rest of spring trying to maximize feelings of audience impact potential, intra-audience interaction, and viewer understanding. To make these more concrete, we’ll be focusing down into specific game interactions and mechanics that support and explore these areas.

After reviewing our prototypes, we showed off some of our future brainstorming for the semester, and wrapped up the presentation. With our focus now firmly on prototyping, we hope to get a lot of data the rest of the project. We’re hopefully soon to be certified to undertake ethical and reviewed research as well, potentially making our findings more useful and more backed up. We’ll see how we’ll take these summarized learnings to heart as we begin making experiences more rapidly.