White House Game Jam: NEIFLetter #2

This past weekend, DAM was invited to take part in the first ever White House Game Jam, featuring games created by teams from Disney, Sony, Ubisoft, Rovio along with several other gaming studios, educational games makers and academics like ourselves.  It was an incredible experience that we are grateful for having taken part in.  Also making the trip were the ETC’s Drew Davidson and the Culyba duo, Dave and Sabrina, whose game.. Read More

Pitching forward: NEIFLetter #1

  Hello NEIF-heads. This is the first edition of DAM’s newsletter focusing primarily on the development of the 2D arson puzzler, Not Everything is Flammable.  DAM and NEIF were formed during 2014’s Global Game Jam by Designer/Artist David Shiyang Liu, Programmer Alex Hu, and Producer/Composer/Sound Designer Mac Lotze, three Masters students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC.) For those of you that have never played the game before, you can.. Read More