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    This week was productive. Our team completed the first prototype and tested within our team. It was a good start.


    After a short discussion on Tuesday about our deliverables by the end of this week, we agreed that the first prototype should be finished by Thursday. Our programmers, Xiao, Albert and Kiran were working on adjusting the physics of the rope and the movement of two players. At the same time, the 2D artist, Yue, created several pieces of concept for the game. On Thursday night, we gathered all the assets, including character textures, background picture, voice-over, sound effects and background music.

    Concept Art

    Concept Art

    On Friday, our team welcomed our first playtester, our client, Paolo. He played the prototype with Xiao, and gave us really valuable feedback. He suggested that we test our prototype without voiceover and make more puzzles for the two players to solve. We made an appointment with Paolo in two weeks that he will come to ETC and attend our 1/2 presentation. We will have more features in our game by then.


    As we are approaching to 1/2 presentation, we will have a lot more work to do. Game design wise, we want to complete level design for level 1 by the middle of next week. Programming wise, we want to implement more mechanics into level 1. Our team is highly motivated to finish a polished prototype by next week.


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