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    This week was dedicated to our first prototype for Level 1. The playtest we held on Friday gave the team much confidence.


    Art style was locked on early this week. Since the game has aimed to create expressiveness for different kinds of players, we decided to go with the simple, neat style that would allow players to project themselves into the game.

    Art Style

    In our regular advisor meeting on Wednesday, our team were more aware of our weakness and shortage on this project. Although we already had a solid design for the first two levels, it is beneficial for all of us to come up with a concrete design for Level 3, the end of the game. Since the third level carries the expressiveness of the whole game, it is especially important to keep continuity through all three levels.

    On Friday, we held a playtest within the ETC building. We were glad that the feedback about game design was positive and players expressed emotional response while playing our game. However, playtesters also reported that the physics performed weird and the control was laggy.


    We have made remarkable progress in the past week. Next week, 1/2 presentation is coming. We will have rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday, while polishing Level 1. According to the feedback from our playtest, we will fix the physics problem and try the best to smooth the control. Our designer has started to work on designing the new mechanic in Level 2.


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