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    The feedback from halves presentation was encouraging. Audience kindly shared with us their thoughts and suggestions on our first level. Assured that the first level was on the right track, our team dived into the development of Level 2 right away.


    By Wednesday, the game designer, Yue, completed and polished level design themed as “limitation and compromise”. Unlike the theme in Level 1, the rope was no longer a support for the players. Instead, it limited the players’ movement, and added the difficulty in living with a relationship.


    The Big Playtest

    On Friday, we arranged a playtest in the afternoon. We were glad to see that players were communicating with each other. 8 out of 10 players felt that in Level 2 it was harder to move along with the other player than in Level 1. It was a good sign for our progress. However, we also discovered problems that needed to be fixed. Playtesters found it confusing to have different kinds of stars in Level 2.


    The coming week will be the closure of our first round of prototyping. With all the valuable feedback, we all know that Level 3 will be more challenging. We are motivated to create a good ending level for our players.


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