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    Iteration is the key work for Week 12. After the detailed discussion from last week, our team focused on producing a more powerful ending. It is never easy to decide what is best for the game, that is why we need more playtests.


    Early in the week, we summarized a long list of the features that we were not sure about. So we came up with a prioritized playtest-oriented working plan. In this way, we could make the best use of our last official playtest before soft opening.

    The first thing we did was to clear the confusion in Level 2. We got rid of the complexity of 3 different kinds of stars. In addition, the special effect for a player having a star was implemented to give the players more feedback. The next tough problem was the ending. Our team had disagreement on the design for the ending. To test it out, we decided to iterate a new version of Level 3. We designed more puzzles where the player had more interaction with the NPC.

    New Ending

    New Ending

    On Wednesday, we had a meeting with our client, Paolo. It was his first time to play the whole game. He liked the tone of our game and he mentioned that our game made him recall his own experiences.

    On Friday, we had our last official playtest. 10 playtesters formed 5 pairs. Among them were some players who hadn’t played our game. For the rest who played last week, we asked them to compare the different versions of ending. The results turned out diverse.


    By this time of the semester, we have had a good number of playtesters and guests who tried our game and kindly shared their opinions with us. We tried to target our game to a larger range of players, but expressive games are not for everyone. Next week, we will keep polishing our game and also put more focus on producing a game that contains the message our team would like to send.



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