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    Soft opening is coming next week, which means Week 13 is the last round of iteration. Our team activated crunch mode early this week.


    In the team meeting on Monday, we agreed on content lock by Friday. Even though we had a 3-level game done, programmers still had a lot to fix. As they say, the devil is in the details. We were conducting casual playtests whenever a major feature was changed. It kept us updated with how the game looked to users.Our 2D artist, Yue, created several versions of in-game textures for all three levels. The new art assets brought out the theme in each level. She also made a lot of minor adjustments to backgrounds and characters.

    Meeting the Composers

    Meeting the Composers

    We also had good news from main campus. Several weeks ago, we contacted Professor Sarah Pickett from the School of drama. After viewing the demo video of our game, she and her three students agreed to compose for us. This week, we received the draft version of their sound design. Our team members really liked the music. We will keep in touch with our new partners and work on the sound together to make it better and better.


    By the end of this weekend, we will be fully ready for soft opening. On Monday, we will have a 2-player co-op game playable on the Ouya. Next focus will be to get on the Ouya market.



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