Fake it ‘Till You Make it Animation Studio

FITYMI is a small animation studio in the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. Our goal is two-fold:

  1. Create a short animated film based on pre-production materials and research passed down from the previous ETC animation studio, Para Productions.
  2. Create new pre-production materials for a new concept which will then be passed to our successor production studio.

Our current production, titled “Lovers Meet,” is a blended live-action/animated short film about a young man, Isaac, who finds himself inside an impressionist painting (inspired by the work of Leonid Afremov.) Stricken by the thought of losing his soon-to-be long distance girlfriend, Isaac learns from an unlikely friend that love is worth fighting for.

The pre-production materials we are creating for the Fall 2016 production studio will be for The Sea of Stories, our concept for a short Virtual Reality Immersive Artistic Experience. This concept was inspired by an except from a novel titled Haroun and the Sea of Stories. The experience will consist of the Guest flying on the back of a giant bird above and inside the sea which consists of rainbow currents that represent all stories that have ever been told and that will be told. Rather than a linear narrative animation, we are hoping this will function more as a tech and art showpiece; meaning, while it is a complete experience, we want the artists and programmers to be able to express themselves while building their skills to create a beautiful portfolio piece.