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Blog: Post-Quarters Revising

Hi again! A lot has happened in the past week so wanted to give an update as to where the team is right now. As stated before, this past Monday was our Quarters presentation. We received a variety of insights and perspectives from the six different groups of faculty members that visited our room and listened to our presentation. The two recurring pieces of feedback we received were: We were taking on too large of a scope (particularly art-wise) and that there are other possibilities to show the monster’s descent into madness than direct murder.

From this, the writers spent the past few days trying to make the narrative leaner and more effective. The artists continued doing first pass models of characters (like Frankenstein and the monster) and environments (like the laboratory and the cottage the monster visits). Our programmers have been nailing down UI interactions so we have a solid framework.

Tomorrow, we will be meeting with our client and faculty advisors to discuss what we’ve learned and how we’ve been doing with that knowledge. Overall, we hope that by working with tighter constraints, we can make something more inventive and engaging.