14. One Last Push

We’re done with softs! It’s always exciting watching players react while playing, slowly discovering the different bits of the game that we painstakingly put together. Softs in particular was exciting, because this was pretty much the finished product. Finally, players knew what to do after the put the headset on without any prompting on our part. It was fun to just hand them the tablet and headset and watch them figure out the entire game on their own! Some of them stayed in the experience until the very end! All in all, it was a very successful softs and we got very positive feedback for our work.


We also headed to a gaming meetup in San Francisco that evening. We demoed our app there and, though the crowds weren’t huge, we did get some excited players feeling their way around chairs and walls at the venue!


We know now that players understand and like our product. The only thing we have left to do is some final polishing of the experience and we’ll be ready to go. The plan is to publish the app onto Google’s Store (they have a separate store for apps meant for the Tango) and hope that people download it and try it out!
Ofcourse, there is also the less glamorous tasks like documentation, testing and bug-fixing. But for the most part, looks like this is going to be our final deliverable this semester!