We started off by creating small prototypes trying to see what these glasses could do.

Here are some screen shots of the first prototype that we created:This is a multi-player (simple version) tower defense game that we tried on this device.



We are also trying to work on some different interactions:

1. Shaking of the board

2. ground opening

3. Tower coming up when tapped

So, the team went through a lot of brain storming sessions and concluded that its better to make a really simple game and let the players have fun with the technology

The game till now: 3/20/2015

Game till now : 4/10/2015

In this version of game, the player can:

  1. select minions and send on to the battlefield
  2. look at the glowing bridge to break it
  3. look at the fog cannon to shoot fog. By fog would not let the opponent see what minion you are sending for quite some time.

Game till now: 4/29/2015

In this version :

  1. new game map
  2. new environment
  3. animations for all models
  4. Same game features as before