Yuki Cheng
UI/UX Designer

Yuki is a UI/UX designer with a background in Industrial Design. She is keen on music especially Jazz Hip-hop. She also loves reading, traveling and many other little things in life.

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Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir

Muhammad is a Character Technical Artist with a background in CS and Animation. He's extremely interested in research-driven design and creating engaging entertainment experiences.

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Parker Ramsey

Parker is a Producer and Unity Programmer with a background in Computer Science. He is interested in the collaboration, creativity, and technical know-how that all work together to create engaging entertainment.

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Jiajun Tan
Lead Programmer

Jiajun is a programmer with a background in Computer Science. He is interested in virtual reality, edge technology, and immersive experience that lead the way to the oasis.

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Jinyi Ye
UI/UX Designer

Jinyi is a UI/UX Designer with a background in Digital Media. She is interested in exploring the possibilities of combining art and technology with human needs across different fields of study.

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