From left to right :  Martin, Elizabeth, Tiffa, Atit, and Jaehee

Atit Kothari – Programmer
is currently a masters student at Carnegie Mellon University’s, Entertainment Technology Center. He did his Bachelors degree in Information Technology from Mumbai University. His academic and career interests include game-play programming, artificial intelligence, web and mobile development, digital film editing. He is currently working on developing an interactive film for virtual reality.


Elizabeth Won – 2D Artist, Motion Graphics Artist
is an enthusiastic graphic designer obsessed with finding visual clues to communicate with viewers experimenting with different mediums.
Using her background in textile design, she wants to combine her craftsmanship with technology to make working art that gives meaningful experiences to people. She is currently pursuing a masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).
She works as an User Interface/User Experience designer at the ETC with her multidisciplinary team, where she aims to translate her own unique point of view through her works. At Carnegie Mellon University she has worked on several experimental animations that show her creativity, and some of her interactive projects were exhibited at the Game Developers Conference 2015.
Before coming to the ETC, she worked on personal graphic design projects and has been featured on Behance and in graphic design magazines, BranDand Playful Graphics.


Jaehee Cho – Director
is an experienced producer & filmmaker. He double majored in Film and Media Art at Seoul Institute of the Arts. He is interested in combining video work with different genres of arts. He worked at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York from 2011-12 and made promotion videos for the performances. He also worked at METAOLOZ, a music video company as a line producer. With his unique background, Jaehee had opportunities to work in various fields, such as photography, art videos, and motion graphics. He is now studying at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center where he continues his research for Virtual Reality especially with Oculus.


Martin Ding – Programmer
is an exceptional programmer who dreams in code. Also, he is always ready to grab a drink


Tiffa Cheng – 2D Artist
is a passionate designer and programmer.
Currently Tiffa is pursuing her Masters Degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University and working on an interactive virtual reality experience development.
Tiffa spent most of her academic career studying Computer Science. She enjoys making 2D, 3D artworks, digital film and computer games. The experience in ETC opens a door for her to implement what she have learnt and think into creative and interactive projects to entertain people.


Stephanie Fawaz – Writer
received her degree in engineering at Harvey Mudd College in 2014. Her passion is to tell meaningful stories in innovative and interesting ways, so she chose to attend the Entertainment Technology Center to learn more about game and story creation. She hopes to be able to be an influence in the entertainment media industry in creating more and bigger spaces for women as well as take a role in new technological innovations in entertainment.