We are Team Koe, a cross-disciplinary team of students from the Entertainment Technology Center’s Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley campuses. We are working with the Electronic Arts Sims Alexa Team to construct a voice-driven game experience inspired by The Sims, the all time favorite life simulation video game series. We will bring existing Sims players a delightful experience through the innovative use of Amazon Alexa, a voice-recognition assistant accessible on smart speakers and smartphones. Simultaneously, we will embrace the beloved characteristics of The Sims series: relatable life events, light-hearted humor and creative storytelling. The project will conclude with a published Alexa Skill app available on Amazon store.


Project Members: 

Silicon Valley: 

Xiao He

Ruoxi Li

Weidi Tang


Xiangyu (Shawn) Sun

Yang Che (Brian) Teng

Project Instructors:

Silicon Valley: 

Melanie Lam

Carl Rosendahl


Ricardo Washington