Brian Teng – Designer

Brian is a 2nd-year graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. He has a passion for game design, and although he comes from a CS background, he is passionate in the fields of narrative and sound design. He works on this project as a designer.

Shawn Sun – Developer

As a student majoring in software engineering, Shawn cooperates with the programming team in Silicon Valley on scripting quick prototypes and setting up basic frameworks. If he is not working, he must be playing or making video games somewhere.

Ruoxi Li – Designer

Ruoxi works as a designer in Team Koe. Previously, she got bachelor of engineering majoring in Integrated Innovation. She is an interaction designer and trans-disciplinary artist interested in games, products, sounds, and ice mountains.

Weidi Tang – Developer

Weidi is a Technical Artist who has a background in Game Design. She loves creating visual effects for games and experiences. She is interested in emerging technologies as well.

Xiao He – Producer

Xiao is a second year master student at Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is interested in exploring ways that art can interact with technology.


Carl Rosendahl – Faculty

Carl is a Distinguished Professor of Practice and the Director of ETC’s Silicon Valley campus. Carl joined the ETC in 2008.

Carl graduated with a BSEE from Stanford University in 1979. Seeking a way to combine his passions for filmmaking and technology, he founded Pacific Data Images in 1980. PDI became one of the pioneering and most highly innovative creators of computer animation for film and television. During his 20 years of leading the organization, PDI produced over 700 commercials, worked on visual effects for over 70 feature films and, in partnership with DreamWorks SKG, produced the hit animated film “Antz” and the Academy Award winning “Shrek.” Carl received multiple Emmy Awards and in 1998 was recognized with a Technical Achievement Academy Award for PDI’s contributions to modern filmmaking. In early 2000 he sold PDI to DreamWorks SKG.

From 2000 through 2002, Carl was a Managing Director at Mobius Venture Capital (formerly Softbank Venture Capital) where he focused on investments in the technology and media space.
Carl was a founding board member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) in 1995 and served as the Chair of the Society’s Board of Directors from 2004 through 2006. The Visual Effects Society is an organization comprised of over 1,500 visual effects professionals who desire to honor, advance and promote visual effects for its membership and the industry as a whole.

In addition, Carl consults for a number of companies, where he specializes in helping to direct and manage creative organizations that are technology based.

Carl is married and has two sons. He is a practicing amateur musician, enjoys building original projects (such as a functioning electric guitar built with Lego), and participating in outdoor activities such as fly fishing and wakeboarding.

Melanie Lam – Faculty

Melanie Lam is a game producer, designer, and alumni of the ETC. Her shipped titles include Shrek the Third, Shrek SuperSlam, MySims, The Sims Franchise and its very prolific expansion pack series. She recently ran an educational game start up in Pittsburgh that utilized technology fresh out of CMU’s Robotics Institute and was a prior director of the National High School Game Academy. Melanie is currently at the ETC-SV location as a project instructor. At various times, she claims to be from Singapore, Malaysia, or the UK but mostly considers herself a global citizen with a passion for good, sustainable food.

Ricardo Washington – Faculty

Ricardo serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. He specializes in giving the students instruction and guidance in art related areas of their program.

Ricardo was a faculty member at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the Game Art and Design department. He taught classes in 3D art, specializing in modeling and texture creation. He also taught game design, animation, and production classes. Ricardo helped to improve the academic culture with consistent and robust service on various committees and boards, organizing multiple events, updating classes and curricula, and connecting with the community in Pittsburgh. Before AIP he worked for small game company with a great team. He also did freelance game art, focusing on creating content for games for training. He worked with Simcoach games during this time to create content for interactive game based safety training material.

Before his life as a digital artist, Ricardo worked as a research specialist in the Neurobiology department at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. As a lab assistant he spent many hours conducting in the trenches bench top science and microscope work. It was a productive time resulting in four publications.

Ricardo uses his skills and knowledge to teach students outside of the traditional academic environment. He developed and implemented the video game design programs for a local nonprofit Homewood Children’s Village and the Carnegie Library in East Liberty. He has also served as a volunteer mentor with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History EnergyNet and Game Jam programs.