Week 9

Week 9

This week most of our team was at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. However we arrived at a decision about which game we want to build for our final deliverable. We decided to move ahead with the storytelling idea. Here are some reasons for the same:

  1. The storytelling idea solves one of the main design challenges: Player motivation to upload videos. We found that players enjoyed recording videos based on prompts that we wrote. As ‘Expression’ is one of our design pillars, this is an important factor for us.

  2. This game sparked conversations and interactions between the participants during the playtests. This falls in line with one of our design pillars: Social interaction and fellowship.

  3. With 4 weeks of development time before soft opening, this idea seems like the best in terms of scope. This will allow us to come up with something quicker, and to playtest and refine based on feedback.

Next week, we will start building our final game for delivery. We will have to work to translate the elements of the physical game to fit the video game format.