Week 15

Week 15

As we are one week away from our Finals Presentation, we are wrapping up our demo and working to polish our documentation for hand-off.


We tried another approach for our ML pipeline. This approach uses Openpose + Motion Reconstruction. While this approach led to improvement in the capture of movement details, it does not do a good job of tracking the position of the player’s feet. The position of the feet is tracked well only for large scale movements. Here’s a video of the results:


We worked on polishing the UI of the game. We added a lot of characters based on popular personalities to the game for the players to choose from.

We also met our client for our final meeting of the semester this week, and spoke about deliverable and hand-off the documentation of learning and the demo.

Next Week

Next week, we have our finals presentation and final play-through, we will be handing over our documentation and demo to our client at the end of next week!