Drawn and Quartered

A lot of energy went into preparing a demo for Quarters. The sound programmers were hard at work Monday trying to make sure that SuperCollider could hook into Unity. Tuesday turned into a technical trial as it became clear that […]

Music in Motion is Walk(around)ing on Sunshine

The first half of our week was spent completing a prototype that we could demonstrate to our advisor, Heather, prior to her trip to Toronto. This deadline was a helpful preparation for quarters. While we had created some beautiful components, […]

Sprinting Through Week 3

This week our team began to get into a project rhythm as well as preparation for quarters. Our first step this week was finalizing a project timeline and sprints. We agreed upon a schedule of almost entirely two week sprints […]

Team Music in Motion Gets Moving

Our team was still arranging our new project room for the semester when our first visitor dropped by. We were lucky enough to receive an introduction to the Theremin from virtuoso, Pamelia Kurstin. She made playing the electronic instrument look […]

Project Music in Motion

Music in Motion explores the relationship of physical movement to sound creation in three-dimensional space. Guests will explore sound and create music around them through kinesthetic activity by interacting with the virtual environment around them. The team is discovering more […]