Meet the Team

Rachel Rodgers
Producer, Game Designer
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Rachel is a producer and experience designer with a history of working on technical and creative projects. Prior to joining the ETC she began her career in TV and Film production followed by 3+ years as a technology consultant. Most recently she has been focused on experience design within the themed entertainment industry as well as coordinating VR R&D projects.

Ketul Majmudar
Game Designer, Producer
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Ketul is a second year game designer with a focus on level and narrative design in games. On Olympia he acts as the lead designer and guides the vision of the game. He also acts as an associate producer and helps the team communicate better internally.

Sixue (Yuki) Cheng
UI/UX Designer
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Sixue (Yuki) is a first year graduate student completing MET in Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center. She used to study industrial design for undergraduate major. Now she is a UI/UX designer and sound designer. She is keen on music especially Jazz Hip-hop. She also loves reading, traveling and many other little things in life.

Yanran (Yvette) Han
Technical Artist
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Yvette is a second year graduate student with an interest in Visual Effects and Technical Art. For our project she has focused on creating characters that can be deformed.

Ann Maria Jose
Gameplay Programmer
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Ann aspires to be a gameplay programmer. Her passion has always been programming video games. She wishes to develop games for people all over the world and share the joy of gaming she has experienced.

Ruochen (Charley) Li
Gameplay Programmer
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Charley is a game developer, and has a background in computer science, specifically in data mining and web programming. Currently, he is interested in gameplay programming and low-level technology in game programming.