Week 1 Welcome to Plastar!

Meet the gang

Welcome to Plastar! This is the project’s weekly dev blog. In the following 16 weeks, the six of us are going to work closely with CMU School of Architecture and Carnegie Museum of Art.

From left to right, Yiwen Zhang, Siyuan Hu, Jiayang Zhang, Yuanzhou Ha, Alejandra Soto, Ziqi Ma.




Setting up

The first week is really about getting to know each other and setting up our studio. Before anything else, what we did was to come up with a team name, Plastar. If you have read the description on the homepage, you might have a clue here. Plastar = plaster + AR!

We decided to use both Trello and a physical board for task tracking, and Slack and Google for communication and assets sharing.

 Setting up the scrum board.




Getting ready

There will be a Playtest to Explore Workshop next Monday, held by ETC and HCII. The goal is to help the project teams to take off with guided brainstorming. Each team need to create a Composition Box before the workshop begins.


I thought it was actually a box.


A Composition Box is a visual organization tool to gather team’s and stakeholders’ inspiration, expectations, experiences and needs. With markers, post-it notes, and printouts of images, here is what we’ve got over the weekend:


Inspiring, isn’t it 😉


Field trip!

The team also visited the Hall of Architecture together on the weekend, even though most of us have already been there before. It helped us to experience the exhibition as normal visitors, before we dive too deep into the back of the scene.

Plaster casts in the Hall of Architecture of CMoA.



We are really looking forward to meeting up with our client, professor Joshua Bard from School of Architecture next week. Stay tuned!