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How does augmented reality become an asset in the museum guest experience?

In the Hall of Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art, visitors are often left out of the bigger picture behind the plaster models being displayed. Information such as the geography, history, and culture behind each of the casts is left out and not explored.

Plastar, an interdisciplinary team of graduate students, is working to make that information accessible through compelling augmented reality experiences. Using Google Tango, Plastar will create visitor engagements for five different plaster models being displayed in the exhibit. Users will be able to view and explore the original structures, scholarly details, and the exciting stories around them.

CMU’s School of Architecture and the Carnegie Museum of Art will be collaborating with the team throughout the semester, providing support and content. The resulting work will be tested by the museum for a year following the completion of the project, and will ultimately be used to enhance the guest experience.

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Yuanzhou Ha
Siyu Hu
Ziqi Ma
Alejandra Soto
UI designer, content writer
Jiayang Zhang
UI UX designer
Yiwen Zhang
Programmer, co-producer





Shirley Saldamarco



Heather Kelley

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