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Information displayed to players is simple and digestible. Inner workings of the character sheet are hidden beneath the folds of the character until players feel confident enough to unfold them. Decisions are broken down into steps enabling players to approach the game one piece at a time. By removing the complexity of the underlying rules, players can focus on the actions they want to take instead of the actions the game allows.



Our approach is to let players come to the game with no previous knowledge of pen and paper role-playing games and walk them through the basics one decision at a time. As the players gain confidence we begin to unfold the character exposing the inner workings of the game system a little bit at a time. The goal is to get players comfortable enough to transition away from the app by the end of the Starter Set adventure.

Connected Experience


The players and game master’s mobile devices are synchronized allowing the game master to puppeteer the experience. By switching the game mode information is re-sorted to be in line with the current state of the game. The game master can also add effects such as darkness, fog, or status conditions without players needing to manually keep track of numbers. For the players, we provide strong visuals to reinforce the status and surroundings of the role-play environment and situation. Background music and sound effects are also provided to let players know when to explore, when to engage in conversation, and when to focus on combat. Players can also influence each other through spells or other actions performed on each other adjusting the character sheets accordingly.