Newsletter 1

1. The goal is to create a mobile app to support health education, compliance with medication recommendations and socialization of children with asthma.

2. The app will help children and parents understand that they can do the same things their peers are doing such as attend school regularly, avoid the ER, sleep well, play sports and socialize.
Deciding team name

3. By playing our game, we expect that children will increase their knowledge about asthma as well as change their perceptions and feel more empowered to control their symptoms.
Each team member first came up with one or two candidate team names to bring onto the table, and then we selected some of the team names into our voting pool. Finally we vote anonymously and finally the name ‘Stratos’ won the most votes after ‘Zephyr’ and ‘Aura’ are invalidated because there were project teams had the same names.
We also assigned our core hour schedules and started thinking about our branding.
Play-test workshop
We got a lot of helpful information
Newsletter – Week 1
and good ideas from the play test workshop:1.There were some good ideas posted by other ETCers on our poster. 2. The method of using PLEX cards and Jesse Schell’s cards. 3. We had a chance to interact with other team who are working on healthcare and mobile apps.
Brainstorming session
Each of us selected 3-5 cards from PLEX cards and Jesse Schell’s 100 lens cards, that he/she thinks is important and relevant to our project goals, and put it on the white board and discuss and elaborate it with the teammates, at the same time connecting it with other elements to see how this part fits into the big picture. After the brainstorming session, we had a wired Mind-Map of different elements/components we potentially could discuss with the client.
Client meeting preparation
We prepared a list of question for the client meet, they are listed in descending priority:
1.What problems are the doctors
and hospitals facing that our app can help to solve?
2.Is it a game to teach about asthma or just an experience to empower Kids?
3.How long and how often should the app be used by the kids?
4.What are the difficulties parents with asthmatic kids are facing?
5.Is there documents and materials about mental studies of patients?

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