Week 12

Hello and welcome to our week 12 Blogpost!


Here’s a quick summary of what we did and our plan ahead!


Updates/Lessons Learned:

  • Added “Phase II” (learning ability)
  • Updated Text-to-speech in the experience
  • Working with lots of background noise
  • Windows Dictation is a bit restricted

Plan ahead:

  • Theme
    • “A robot would be too expensive, so we got you”
    • Robot has to be begrudgingly happy with you every once and awhile
    • There should be child protective services for the robot
      • Send you to human reeducation center
    • Play on the fact that the real world is a sim
      • Welcome back from the matrix!
  • Fiction
    • Lean on the fact that the human is an irritation
    • “Humans like autonomy, so I’m going to let you name that”
      • Naming own dishes…. Probably out of scope for us
    • Maybe we can’t say the robots word because it’s like a modem sound
      • I will let you name it so that we can communicate about it
  • Music
    • Erin: if you want robot to be unpleasant caretaker, lean on that as much as you can
      • Presses the button to play the hurry music
      • NICE JOB, you’re on the leaderboard
      • SPA music to calm
    • Investigate free stuff first
  • Sound effects
  • Environmental art
    • Maybe think about what robots would actually eat
      • And how this could fit in
  • Serving/game loop
  • Testing/QA


How’re we doing for soft?

  • Planning to have game loop and serving added

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