An Experimental First-Person Music Shooter

The Drop: Newsletter #13

Promo Videos Hot off the press we have a 3-Minute Promo and a 30-Second Promo of our unfinished game.  Still have a bunch more details to iron out in the last week or two, but here is a sneak peak at our game. Enjoy! The Drop

The Drop: Newsletter #12

Wrap Up Quick update:  Time is running out on The Drop and so we are finishing all of the final tasks that still need to be done.  Up above you can see our awesome redesigned menus done by Elizabeth.  We had most of the ETC faculty stop by and check out our progress on Monday, gathering a lot of crucial final feedback to make some last minute changes where we.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #11

ETC Playtest We hosted our second formal playtest last Friday at the Entertainment Technology Center.  We began by targeting our classmates that we knew had experience with FPS or Rhythm games then filling out our 14 slots with other people that self-identified as FPS or Rhythm gamers.  It was a huge breath of fresh air to have all players that fit into our demographic as opposed to our previous playtest. There were.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #10

Playtesting This past Saturday we had 24 playtesters ranging from teenagers to adults coming in to play and observe The Drop.  It was pretty interesting and fun while also confirming a few things we know we need to improve.  As we expected, the game was difficult for people outside of our demographic (gamers, ideally ones that play FPS or rhythm games.) but for the groups we got that were in.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #9

    Yo Drop Fans, Quick update.  The 3D model problems we were having before were slayed by the talented Ariel/Tao duo.  Up above you can see our models in scene with the sleek weapons inspired by Akai samplers.  Animations are finally working now including a head nodding motion while a player is neutralized. The Drop Last week, we showed off some of what we have been working on to the.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #8

  Yo party people!  Welcome to The Drop with our 8th Newsletter. Our team is whole again, with three of us returning from an incredible and inspiring Game Developer’s Conference.  This week, while other teams were spring breaking, The Drop was in the office, working hard on iterating our new design. Musical Tug-of-War The design we have been iterating on is the one we mentioned in the last newsletter featuring.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #7

Hey Drop Fans, Speaker Destruction This week we have been experimenting with a few new designs.  One of which we described and diagrammed last week.  That idea involved battling over control of the music by destroying your opponent’s speaker.  While it was originally pitched as a simple concept, it had a number of issues including it’s over-complicated nature.  I guess this tells a lot about how complex some of the ideas.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #6

Destroy the Speakers This week Ariel had a very cool idea about trying to use 3D sound in the game to add a location based mechanic where you try and locate the speaker that is playing your music and the speaker that is playing your opponent’s music.  One of your main goals would be to destroy your opponent’s speaker to shut off their music. Elements of this didn’t work within our current structure.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #5

What’s happening! Week 5 is almost in the books and we are moving forward with testing new game mechanics and other hopeful improvements.  Recently we have been getting a few playtesters and observers checking out the game and gotten quite a bit of useful feedback about what is working and what isn’t working in the game.  Luckily, most of it coincides with things that we already knew and had already.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #4

Yo! Another fun and intense week at The Drop office. We will keep this quick, but here is what has been going on for us. Up above you can find our project poster made by the incredibly talented Yeongmin Won (Elizabeth.) Photo Shoot We had a great photo shoot on Monday also and learned how incredibly photogenic Tao is. It was hard to pick just one photo of him. Above.. Read More