An Experimental First-Person Music Shooter

The Drop: Newsletter #13

Promo Videos Hot off the press we have a 3-Minute Promo and a 30-Second Promo of our unfinished game.  Still have a bunch more details to iron out in the last week or two, but here is a sneak peak at our game. Enjoy! The Drop

The Drop: Newsletter #12

Wrap Up Quick update:  Time is running out on The Drop and so we are finishing all of the final tasks that still need to be done.  Up above you can see our awesome redesigned menus done by Elizabeth.  We had most of the ETC faculty stop by and check out our progress on Monday, gathering a lot of crucial final feedback to make some last minute changes where we.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #11

ETC Playtest We hosted our second formal playtest last Friday at the Entertainment Technology Center.  We began by targeting our classmates that we knew had experience with FPS or Rhythm games then filling out our 14 slots with other people that self-identified as FPS or Rhythm gamers.  It was a huge breath of fresh air to have all players that fit into our demographic as opposed to our previous playtest. There were.. Read More

The Drop: Newsletter #10

Playtesting This past Saturday we had 24 playtesters ranging from teenagers to adults coming in to play and observe The Drop.  It was pretty interesting and fun while also confirming a few things we know we need to improve.  As we expected, the game was difficult for people outside of our demographic (gamers, ideally ones that play FPS or rhythm games.) but for the groups we got that were in.. Read More