August 26, 2008

Active-Adventure in Game Informer!


What a way to kickoff Active-Adventure: Semester II... If you're out and about, be sure to pick up the September '08 copy of Game Informer (Batman or Joker grace the cover). We were lucky enough to be able to share our team philosophy on how we think we are evolving the active gaming genre. Thanks to GI for the opportunity!

Keep checking back for additional updates. We have some changes planned for the website!

   Posted By: Garth
September 3, 2008

Pop City checks out Orbis


Pittsburgh online publication Pop City wrote a short article on Orbis. Details can be found here.

   Posted By: Garth
June 27, 2008

Active-Adventure on KDKA


Today KDKA aired a story about Active-Adventure. The video can be found online here.

   Posted By: Ryan
May 7, 2008

Active-Adventure featured on CMU Homepage


The team is lucky to be sharing the Carnegie Mellon homepage with the likes of Al Gore! Check out the article here.

   Posted By: Ryan
June 19, 2008

Active-Adventure Postmortem on Game Career Guide

Game Career Guide

Seth Sivak, one of Active-Adventure's programmers, recently wrote a postmortem on The Winds of Orbis: An Active Adventure and got it published on Game Career Guide. For those who may be unfamiliar with this term, a postmortem is an analysis of the process used to create a video game, evaluating what went right and what went wrong. The article is available here.

   Posted By: Ryan
June 10, 2008

Active-Adventure on Gamasutra


Today, An article about Active-Adventure was a cover feature on the game developer website Our very own Garth DeAngelis penned the article now up on the website about his experience making the game, and what this new genre can do for the industry. Congratulations, Garth!!

The article is available here.

May 16, 2008

Active-Adventure on WTAE


On May 16 WTAE aired a story about Active-Adventure. The video can be found online here.

May 14, 2008

Orbis in Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette


Active-Adventure was covered in Pittsburgh's city paper. The link is here.

April 10, 2008

Harvard Medical likes Orbis!


After a demo of Orbis for Dr. David Bickham of Harvard Medical's Center on Media and Child Health, he invited us to write an article on our game at his site: here.