About The Team

We are a team of 6 people who come from diverse background. By collaborating our experience and knowledge, we hope we can create a highly innovative XR experience.

Dongmeng Zhang

Feiyan “Doris” Zhang

Sally Im




Dongmeng is a product manager. He has worked for some leading tech industry companies such as Alibaba group . He has experience of designing and managing on-line products which have over one million DAU.

Doris is a 3D artist and UI/UX designer in the team. She is interested in XR technology. Based on problem solving to prototyping for XR products, She is absorbed in creating engaging experiences.

Sally Im is a 3D Artist with a focus in VFX.

Brendan Valley

Guimin Ren

Ye “Leon” Wu

Game Designer



Brendan Valley is a game designer with experience in sound design, programming, and 2D art. He specializes in Unity and GameMaker, but also has experience in engine development in C++ and Java.

Guimin Ren is a current ETC student pursuing a career in game programming, game design, and immersive XR experience development.

Ye Wu, a gameplay programmer and game designer, loves creating funny, meaningful and impactful experiences. His background covers computer science and software engineering. He is  now using programming and design skills to create more fantastic games!

Project Advisors

Carl Rosendahl

Thomas Corbett

Distinguished Professor

Director of ETC’s Silicon Valley

Assistant Teaching Professor


Carl is a Distinguished Professor of the Practice and the Director of ETC’s Silicon Valley location. Carl joined the ETC in 2008.

Tom Corbett teaches game design courses for CMU’s IDeATe Network, a cross disciplinary curriculum program for undergraduate students.