Tackling Toxicity with Play

DTOX is working with the Games for Change Festival on a transformational experience exploring online gaming toxicity and solutions to foster more positive online spaces. 

A few things we’re focused on


Toxicity is a systemic problem in today’s online gaming environment. Upwards of 74% of players have reported being harrassed at least once. DTOX aims to raise awareness for this issue and explore its potential solutions.


The experiences DTOX creates have a specific focus on transforming their players. To that end, we are utilizing the guidelines set in place by the Transformational Framework by Sabrina Culyba.


We believe that engaging gameplay is an important step to keep players interested and playing our games. While it is ultimately second to our primary goal of player transformation, it is nonetheless important.


Our final experience may be presented at the Games for Change Festival this July in New York. Given that, we want to ensure that our experience encourages players on a team to engage with one another socially, and discuss their thoughts.

Our Collaborators

Jamie Cui

Programmer / Artist

Derrick Pemberton Jr.

Producer / Designer / Writer

Parker Ramsey

Producer / Programmer

Stefani Taskas


Sherry Zhang

Programmer / Sound Designer

Avo & Cori

Leader & Emotional Support

Dave Culyba

Faculty Advisor

Brenda Harger

Faculty Advisor

Raul Carvajal

Games for Change Contact

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If you have a special interest in gaming toxicity or just want to chat about Games for Change in general, we’d love to hear from you!