Thoughts on our Third School Playtest

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Thoughts on Playtest 3   We were extremely happy with our last playtest. A lot of our changes paid off and vastly improved our experience. First of all, the communication and collaboration between teams was way better. The smaller team sizes made it easier for everyone to be heard and voice their thoughts. Also, because […]

Week 12

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This week was mostly polishing small features in our experience. Sharan worked on some data visualizations to analyze the data collected from the previous playtests. This helped us gain some valuable insights that we will talk about in the blog “Thoughts on our third school playtest”. Na-yeon and Nicky worked on finishing up the rigging […]

Week 11

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Week 11 This week was a smooth week for Project Voyage. Julian (me) was out for most of the week to go to a conference in Los Angeles. The rest of the team worked on polishing our product to make it ready for our next Cornell School playtest. Sharan and Rajeev worked to make the […]

Week 10

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Week 10 Another productive week for the Voyage team. First up, we needed to solve the various problems with our scavenger hunt that we learned in last week’s playtest. After speaking with Jesse Schell, Dave Culyba, and Jess Hammer, we were given a lot of good advice, and we solidified three major changes: 1. Change […]

Week 8

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Week 8 All is busy in the Team Voyage project room as most of our time is spent preparing for halves presentations. We have a lot to show and are still trying to tackle how to present it. Two of our major steps forward this week have been the integration of the scavenger hunt into […]

Week 7

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Week 7 As we begin to prep for halves, I think our team is starting to have more realizations about what the goals of our project really are. What started off as a project to build a networked VR experience has turned into so much more. After discussing what we still need to build this […]

Week 6

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Week 6 The progress of this week can be boiled down into two big things. 1. We developed a working prototype of our lake area, and 2. We deployed that prototype in two 7th grade classes at Cornell. For our prototype, we have all of the basic functions implemented and working. The students can see […]