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About us

Project Voyage is about exploring Collaborative VR in a classroom setting. Our goal is to show that collaboration in VR could be a powerful medium for education. We would be using Mobile VR as our platform, specifically, the Google Daydream and Pixel. We would be working closely with the teachers of Cornell School for our project. We would like to create prototypes to explore possible pedagogically meaningful interactions and answer problems that could arise with using VR in a classroom. These prototypes would all be geared towards a particular educational topic. Taking our learnings from these prototypes, we would be building an experience for Grade 7 students and deploy in Cornell School by the end of the semester.

Our team

Faculty Advisors


Thoughts on our Third School Playtest

Thoughts on Playtest 3   We were extremely happy with our last playtest. A lot of our changes paid off and vastly improved our experience. First of all, the communication and collaboration between teams was way better. The smaller team sizes made it easier for everyone to be heard and voice their thoughts. Also, because […]

Week 12

This week was mostly polishing small features in our experience. Sharan worked on some data visualizations to analyze the data collected from the previous playtests. This helped us gain some valuable insights that we will talk about in the blog “Thoughts on our third school playtest”. Na-yeon and Nicky worked on finishing up the rigging […]

Week 11

Week 11 This week was a smooth week for Project Voyage. Julian (me) was out for most of the week to go to a conference in Los Angeles. The rest of the team worked on polishing our product to make it ready for our next Cornell School playtest. Sharan and Rajeev worked to make the […]

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