Ideation Week 4: Faculty Feedback and Scoping

  • Concept: a game about a zombie student trying to get coffee, with a projection-mapped terrain board where the zombie walks around (and where you can add LEGO directly), and a ‘brain board’ that is separate from the terrain board which modulates the parameters of the zombie AI (movement and behavior)
  • Quarters Feedback: 
    • Realized projection mapping can interrupt with computer vision given variable light levels
    • Suggested to look into toy design
    • Blue sky vision needs to be more grounded in capabilities of available technology
    • Need to build more prototypes before furthering design
    • Perhaps the game itself can rely less on the computer vision recognition of specific blocks and can do clever design with the constraints
      • i.e. 3D to 2D information can become the core mechanic
  • Tech Exploration: programmers are busy working on building tests of the LEGO recognition system underlying our game design to flesh out the limitations and best use-cases
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