Icon_144“Everyone can create music.”

We are a team of programmers, artists, designers, musicians, and music lovers looking to share our passion for music with the world.  To do this, we are working with our client and faculty advisor, Jiyoung Lee, to create a combined exploratory playground and musical tool on the iPad for people ages eight and up.

Our App

Available for FREE on the iTunes app store.

Our app is called TuneTrain.  TuneTrain is a music creation app, where kids can quickly create and edit melodies through a fun line-drawing mechanic.

In the world of TuneTrain, people live at various heights in colorful vertical buildings.  To help these people get around, the user can draw a train line to connect them to each other.  The magic is that the people represent musical notes and the train line represents a musical melody that kids can create and hear.

The universe of TuneTrain is completely governed by musical rules.  The various heights that people live at represent different pitches; the distance between people represent note lengths; and even the buildings show the underlying chord structure that best accompanies a melody.  By learning to play in a world governed by musical rules, kids will also learn about the fundamental structure of m

Our goal is not only to make people feel confident in their ability to make music, but also to plant seeds of interest for a lifelong musical journey.

Check out the latest video demo on our Media Page.