The Bravura Team (clockwise from top-left): Romain Deciron, Pei-Lin Lu, Albert Gea, Meng Xie, Nate Levin, Michael Lee, and Cheng Yang.

Albert Gea

Albert Gea completed his Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study at New York University’s Gallatin School.  His custom major included courses in the history & philosophy of science, math, programming, motion capture, economics, etc.  While at NYU, exposure to film projects catalyzed his excitement for the microcosm of people and technology that work behind the scenes to create entertainment.  That passion has led him to Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology program where he is developing the skills of a proficient producer.  He is very excited this semester to be working as the producer on Bravura, and to help bridge the gap between fun toys where music is incidental and complex tools where music must be made intentionally.



Meng Xie

Meng has explored the role of a 3D modeler and Animator since she came to ETC. She also gained rich experience in being a 2D artist while she worked on her previous project: Factomo. She likes most of RPGs, Simulation and FPS games, but music games are a totally new area for her. Her confidence has been strengthened throughout all the positive feedback of her art works, including both 2D and 3D. And she also want to be a friendly producer this semester. Armed with professionalism and enthusiasm, she is ready for BRAVURA!




Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a game designer/ programmer focused on creating new and exciting games that feel great to play. After studying Computer Science at NC State, he worked as an independent game developer creating games for the web and iOS platforms. As a game developer Michael focuses on creating the best “feeling” experiences for players through input, actions, and responses.

At the Entertainment Technology Center he is excited to be working on projects that advance the medium of games and let him hone his skills in game creation, design, and prototyping.He is also a fan of baseball and a dedicated follower of the Seattle Mariners.



Nate Levin

Nate is the lead designer for team Bravura. Bravura combines his interests in interactive technology and music education. Nate is also an aspiring producer. He is also a musician, composer, arranger, photographer, and soon to be sound designer. He is proud to be studying at Carnegie Mellon, where both his mother and brother attended. He graduated in 2008 with a BA in Music Performance from the Oberlin College Conservatory.  After college, Nate was the music director and curriculum designer of the Rockstarz Clinic, a touring music instruction program.  For four years previous to arriving at the ETC, Nate performed as a bassist and band leader in the HALCats, a show band aboard the Holland America Line cruise ships.

Nate also has several years of music industry experience working as a booking and tour agent, ensemble manager and concert producer. He has worked for the Oberlin Conservatory, the Eastern Music Festival, and the Grammy-winning Manchester Craftsman’s Guild Jazz Department, and with artists including Hilary Hahn, The Canadian Brass, Bruce Hornsby, Mavis Staples (The Staples Singers), and Aimee Mann.



Romain Deciron

Romain has always been interested in games, always wondering how they were created and how come some of them had such a strong emotional value. He solved his first issue by becoming a programmer, and has started to solve the second one by learning about interactive storytelling. His goal is to create or help create games that will move players emotionally, and make them dream.





Pei-Lin Lu
Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Pei-Lin has been fascinated with video games since her childhood when she got a Nintendo 64 game console. From then on, she was deeply attracted and immersed in the the creative playing system. She was playing games on PC, GB, PSP, PS2, Wii, and Xbox in high school and university, which developing the knowledge of game technology. The interest of playing gradually changed into the desire of designing her own games. Being driven from the dream, she choosed to become a gameplay programemr at that time.




Cheng Yang

As a programmer and audio designer, I have the intuitive ability in music composing and audio engineering, and keen on the combination of aesthetics and technology in software designing, and good at the interesting and pleasant way of data visualization or information interpretation, as well as the interactive programming.



Our advisors are Jiyoung Lee and Carl Rosendahl.