Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does the your name “Bravura” mean?
A: “Bravura” is Italian for “boldness”, and in musical notation “con Bravura” means to play in a brilliant manner.

Q:  Is this a game?
A:  Yes and no.  It’s better to think of it as an engaging activity or musical tool.  There’s not really a win/lose state or any tasks you must complete.  It’s all about letting you explore how music is made.  

Q: What sets you apart from other music apps?
A:  On the outside, our experience looks simple enough for anyone to do, but after spending some time with it, people will be learning fundamental concepts about how music is put together.  We also haven’t seen any applications that turn a pitch graph into a nearly game-like maze, nor ones that had both voice and gesture based input with auto accompaniment.  

Q: What is your target demographic, and how are you targeting them?
A:  Ages 8 and up.  We’re making an experience that has a low barrier to entry, and features that are attractive to people of all ages.  Older and more serious music types may like conversion to sheet music functionality, while younger users may like drawing to create music.  

Q:  What genre(s) of music will the application feature?
A:  We are going to begin with a simple classical style, and work our way out to something more complex.  We’ve also discussed having other styles of music such as country or jazz as options.  

Q:  I’m a terrible singer, how can I use this application to put down a melody in my head?
A:  The voice functionality is optional.  You can just draw the melody with your fingers; up and down is how high or low the pitch is, left and right is how long the notes are or when they occur.  

Q:  Will I be able to share my compositions with others?
A:  Yes.  We’re considering features like importing audio tracks and automatically generated sheet music of the melodies you create along with their auto-accompaniment.  

Q: Why is your team photo so awesome?  Are you guys in a band?
A: A good camera, good lighting, a unified dress code, and props.  We’re not in a band now, but maybe we should be?

Q: Why aren’t there more questions here?
A: Because you haven’t asked enough of them.  Send your questions to