Why Pad?

The team has settled on developing games for the iPad.  How did we get to such a specific choice?

  • First, our target demographic (ages 4-6) cannot reliably use more complex interfaces like keyboards and mice; therefore we want to develop for a tablet to take advantage of the intuitiveness of physical tapping and dragging.

Now considering tablets, iOS and Android are the two biggest contenders in the market, why the former?

  1. iOS has fewer fragmentation issues than Android.
  2. iPads are the more popular, and are more often adopted by educational institutions looking to incorporate tablets into their curriculum.

So the team will be moving forward with developing for and testing with the iPad.

However, the engine that the team will be developing in is Unity3D, which means that it is possible to build for Android.  While the team will not have the resources to work with Android, we are not excluding it entirely.

5 Comments on “Why Pad?

  1. Definitely, iPad became a first choice for educational institutes, schools as well as corporate offices. It is the most famous device to learn lots of things and play games. So, anyone would like to prefer it first.